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Why Higher Efficiency Saves Money

Most of us are getting used to the higher cost of electric. As your electric rate goes up, it starts to cost a lot more for having perfect indoor comfort. Instead of taking off layers of clothing inside your house to save money, start thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit with a higher efficiency rating.

What is a SEER rating and how does it impact my energy costs?

SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER gives an indication of the performance efficiency of the system. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit. And, the more efficient the unit, the lower the operating costs.

Experts at the Trane Home Comfort Institute say that by purchasing a system with a high SEER, you'll use less energy to cool your house, resulting in lower electric bills. In many cases, these savings are enough to partially or fully offset the cost of the new equipment within a few years.

Highest Standards of Efficiency

With a high efficiency system, the rise in utility costs won't be as much of a burden. That's because efficient heating and cooling systems call on fewer resources when in use, so you save more money. High SEER systems are designed to attain the highest level of performance and provide the best value by delivering both high efficiency and excellent quality so you get the most from your heating and cooling dollar.

In January 2006, the Department of Energy increased the minimum SEER from 10 to 13. The majority of systems installed before 1992 are 10 SEER or below and will continue to drop in efficiency as the system ages.

Efficiency Rating

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The above chart shows you the possible savings over a 10 SEER system for higher efficiency systems. The SEER ratings are a lot like miles per gallon in cars. The higher the rating, the more efficient - and the more money you save. When all of the components of your heating and cooling system are properly combined in what is called a "matched system," they will work seamlessly together to deliver maximum performance.