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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi's technology allows energy efficient, individual comfort control with minimal impact on your home via ductless and limited length ducted solutions.

Mitsubishi Air ConditionersThe technology behind Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems is referred to in many different ways, including mini-split, multi-split, split-ductless, split-zoning, and variable refrigerant flow. Mitsubishi Electric split-zoning technology is the primary method for conditioning spaces in homes and commercial building around the world. That is why Mitsubishi Electric introduced this technology into North America over thirty years ago.

Split-zoning systems allow each room (or space) using an individual indoor air-handler to be controlled independently from other rooms, thus providing individualized comfort control within each room of a home.

Features of a Mitsubishi air conditioner include:

Energy efficiency - with the INVERTER-driven compressors, Mitsubishi units adjust to the current conditions and utilize only the energy needed to deliver ideal comfort.With multi-zone technology, you can adjust the temperature in the various rooms of your home, thus allowing you to save energy.

Allergen filtration - Mitsubishi units come with multi-stage allergen filtration for cleaner, healthier air. The large hybrid catechin pre-filter absorbs odor-causing gases. A blue-enzyme, anti-allergen filter helps reduce germs, bacteria, and viruses and helps trap dust, pollens, mites, and other particles that plague allergy sufferers.

Comfort control - The multi-staging units allow you to program temperatures for individual rooms of your home. Therefore, there is no need to try to keep the entire home one temperature. If you like some areas to be colder than others, Mitsubishi's multi-zone units are a perfect solution for your needs.

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