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Daikin Air Conditioners

As the "air experts", Daikin contributes to comfort in every realm of human endeavor. Founded in 1924, Daikin Industries, Ltd., has grown to become a leading manufacturer of air-conditioning systems and fluorochemical products.

DaikinBy leveraging its superior technological power, the Daikin Group is providing comfortable air while concurrently reducing the burden on the global environment. Because air conditioners use more energy than most other consumer products, the air conditioning industry has been attracting considerable attention regarding its contribution to global warming; in fact, it is the consumer product manufacturing industry with the second largest contribution, after that of the automobile industry. While reducing air conditioners' contribution to global warming is a global tack, Daikin has diverse energy-conserving technologies-such as heat-pump techonologies, inverter technologies, and refrigerant technologies-that are reducing air conditioners' environmental impact and helping preserve the global environment.

As the global leader and innovator in home comfort, Daikin® has turned air conditioning into an art form. By blending it with any home interior, discreetly and tastefully. By imparting it with intelligence that automatically senses your needs. And by giving you complete control of your environment, room by room.

Daikin sells millions of systems worldwide, making it the premium brand in more than 45 countries. They’ve dedicated themselves to creating some of the most technologically and aesthetically sophisticated systems ever known. And turned that passion for precision into something they call Absolute Comfort™. A notion so unique that it’s an integral part of our North American brand, helping to usher in the next wave in home comfort.

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